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Daily Bread


Poetry And The Days After


Daily Bread

Andrew McCollough

tomorrow morning you will bake me a loaf
from these words, dry, fine-ground between
our grating weight.
— "Dry Bread" in Aftermath by A.W.

This is not the aftermath of the breakup, but of the  relationship. When it is over but yet, unbearably, continues. 

This is tasting  staleness. Nourishment that does not; food that starves; honey that is bitter in its dregs. 

I have had my share and a little extra of these loaves. Served myself extra helpings, more slices, because, well, isn't something better than nothing?

No. It isn't. 

Just end it, move on. Even doing it wrong, again,  somewhere else, is better than doing it wrong, over and over, in the same place. 

Because, eventually, you might learn that it isn't where and it isn't them. 

And learn to bake a new loaf.